Karbala Bagh or Janat-ul-Baqyeh Graveyard

  • It is situated west of Karachi at Hub River Road (Karachi-Quetta National Highway N-25) and Northern Bypass (M-10) Mochko Karachi. It is ahead off Saeedabad Police Training Center, Murshid Hospital and before Naval Colony. The approach is via Karbalabagh street laying between Shafiqpura and Surti Suni Qabristan.
  • Khurasan Bagh-2 maintained by Khoja Shia Jamat is just behind Karbala bagh Graveyard.

The graveyard (Qabristan) is easily approachable via both Highways that are newly carpeted, best visiting time is Saturday or Sunday Morning traffic is normally less as compared to week days. Layari express way may also be used to approach M-10 or N-25. Its distance is less from most of city residential districts as compare to Wadi-Hussain, located at Super Highway M-9.


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