Janat ul Baqyeh Memorial, Karachi

 Although the actual Janat-ul-Baqyeh graveyard Madina physically ruined  in 1925 but it reconstruction desire lit in every Muslim heart. They can not reconstruct it at Madina but the idea of construction of replica in Karachi Pakistan as Sabih Janat-ul-Baqyeh Quba and a planned attached Karbala Bagh Graveyard was launched by Sir, Musayab Ali Zaidi (a well known personality of Karachi and Pakistan shia of that time) in early 70 era. Zaidi Sahib, his brother and other team member develop an organization with the name of Anjuman-Rah-Nijat.  They Implemented this idea very well for nation. It was a new thinking to plan graveyard in orderly manner. They did a lot even as informed by his family they traveled on bicycle from Rizvia Socirty Nazimabad to Mawach goath that is still 12 KM away, and spent whole day during construction. The graves are distinguish from other present well known Shia Graveyards that each grave is physically separated from other grave while at current practice graves being isolated by only masonry wall and a long tranche is made first.   

At present the initial allotment area of Graveyard is almost full at its plan capacity. Now extension Project is started at extended land and it is open for burial.

Most of Graves now need urgent attention and repair. Our loved ones are waiting, otherwise we will unable to identify their graves. Being a Shia Muslim it is our responsibility to look after graves because a number of katbas are unreadable and some qabars are broken.