Karbala Bagh Online

Virual Graveyard Idea

All virtual visitors to KARBALA BAGH (the family members, friends and well wishers of the loved ones who are buried here) can easily access the record, through refined and easy search tools, and and offer fatiha when see the pictures of the grave.  

Idea came in mind from last many years, however, after burial of my father here. Execution started on the idea to make available online KARBALA BAGH, obtained an old  register from Gorkan, unfortunately  no record was available in that deteriorated register before 1979.

For compilation and verification of data following steps has been made:

  1. Taken photographs of each grave and it is continual process as burial is going on,
  2. Prepare database with available paper records and compare it with pictures taken in field.
  3. Verification performed at actual many times.
  4. Understand and revive the actual Layout plan (Block wise) and allotment systematic numbers.

Next phase was the website development, hosting and launching at web, it has also been done:

  1. Obtained the domain ID with the actual name of Qabristan i.e. KARBALA BAGH and web development.
  2. Web development was carried out by software house of brother Zain Zaidi (son of Asad Zaidi, nephew of Musayab Zaidi). It could not be achieved without their help and support which is always available.
  3. Made available name on Barsi “death anniversary” as per Islamic month for a week atleast. This facility is not at any other graveyard website 
  4. Website also linked with http://www.facebook.com/karbalabagh

The future plan thought so far includes:

  1. Establish record of the family members of the deceased.
  2. Collect  passport size picture of the deceased.
  3. Creation of Blog etc.

WEB site updation is a continual process and I am doing so far with the mercy of Allah Kareem and Ahlebet Tahreen. Kindly pray that I can continue this task, however your support in the form of feedback is required.


Web Master karbalabagh.com
Syed Sajjad Haider