What You Can Do?

Social, Moral & Religious Responsibilities

  • Increase your number of visits to pay fatiha on your ancestors graves atleast once in a month as the Sabih-e-Jannat-ul-Baqyeh also located here.
  • We suggest to accompany with your family and children, so he will continue this routine late. Best time to Pay visit on early morning on weekend as no traffic jam that time.
  • Bring back shopping bags alongwith garbage that has been generated from your agarbati boxes, flowers rappers, may also collect papers small objects that you see in between path ways and around grave of your loved one. To clean pathways is SAWAB as per Hadith. “Raste ka pathar uthana sawab hai”.
  • Be vigilant and maintain the grave before damage occur. Repair always needed due to open harsh environment.
  • Email your current address, email and contact number so we can update database.
  • Esale Sawab can be performed by many ways e.g. Majalis, distribution of Niaz, Fatiha, support to needy people etc. You may also think for Eisal Sawab of your Marhoom(s) by participating in ongoing projects of graveyard with consultation of Management. Contact via email message for details.